Mavericks Studio

Cinequest Mavericks Studio Vision

Cinequest’s sister company, Cinequest Mavericks Studio LLC (CMS) creates innovative and impactful motion pictures, television and distribution platforms.

CMS produces, co-produces and distributes top motion pictures, documentaries, television, and new media demonstrating artistic impact, social responsibility, leadership and/or innovation. CMS produces innovative marketing paradigms that activate participatory audiences and utilize leading technological opportunities.

CMS provides mentors and artists to support to Cinequest Picture The Possibilities and integrates Cinequest Film Festival artists, writers and technologies.



TO THE DOGS: An Irish Mexican crime movie about true power. A young man’s losses propel his fall from integrity into the world of crime. Learn More >

WISH YOU WAS 8: An 8 year old wishes his dying father was 8, and when it happens the past shows up to make the present. Genre: Family blockbuster.

THE SWEDISH JOB: A uniquely absurd comedy unfolds when two American hit men go to Sweden to do a simple job and get mixed up with a dysfunctional Swedish Family. Genre: Crime Saga

ANGLES: The effects of murder in a small apartment building ripple through the lives of six twenty-somethings, as bit by bit the shocking events of the day are revealed, from alternate perspectives, with startling conclusions. Genre: Suspense, Mystery

YOU LIKE ME: A documentary exploring mankind’s obsession with fame-exposing historical influences of fame as well as contemporary celebrity and social media obsessions. Genre: Documentary

SON UP (Winner, Cinequest Screenplay Competition): After being released from juvenile hall, an incredibly gifted teenager, who society would simply consider a criminal, finds inspiration and strength to transcend his own emotional prison. The soul can never be imprisoned. Genre: Inspirational Drama

ORA (Winner, Cinequest Screenplay Competition): A powerful story of love and determination when a runaway slave discovers peace amidst the world of the proud Apache. However, when her former owner takes chase across an untamed Western Frontier, everything she holds dear in this world is threatened-especially her freedom. Genre: Drama

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