To The Dogs

TO THE DOGS is a transformative Irish Mexican crime movie about true power. A young man’s losses propel his fall from integrity into the world of crime. Desperate to escape the legacy of a tragedy he feels responsible for, Jack Niesen flees his Kansas farm and winds up in the wild, lawless world of Northern California, circa 1950. There he becomes a central figure in the dramatic clash between Mexican migrant workers out to get a fair deal, and the overbearing landowner who treats the world as his own personal fiefdom. The hero, young Jack, fights for survival and power. And with his rise, he falls to the gutter, to the dogs, where also lies redemption and the knowledge that true power comes from within... In the tradition of important noir sagas like L.A. CONFIDENTIAL and THE DEPARTED, TO THE DOGS provides rich characters, plenty of action, and dynamic entertainment for our transforming times.