Hyper-Reality Hub

Let Your Senses Take Over in Hyper-Reality!

Hyper-Reality, the culmination of large space experiences further blurs the line between reality and VR, making you feel like you have just transported to a different world! This year Cinequest is presenting an exhilarating room scale experience that allows you to physically walk amongst virtual dinosaurs from ancient times and play games in teams to save the world. For Cinequest All Access Passholders only on a first come, first served basis.

Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival 2020 - Hyper-Reality Hub Events

Out There AR
The world’s first truly immersive AR musical with the beautiful voice of Vanessa Williams
(Located in Kaleid Gallery).
Immersed in the song, you'll explore a physical set and meet Liv, a young girl who has never left her bedroom and longs to fly away like the birds in the paintings decorating her room. Inspired by Broadway & Disney musicals the digital representation and perception of the music is different depending on your movements in the space. In addition to spatial sound for characters, the experience features musical instruments, like an old gramophone and a music box, which gives you the ability to hear different versions of the song. The musical mix is therefore personalized based on your interaction -it's never the same!
Dino Mundi XR
Travel to an ancient time when dinosaurs ruled our young planet where you'll walk and be transported through three different worlds of dinosaurs.
(Located in Rehearsal Hall, Third Level, California Theatre).

You will physically walk through three different climates on Earth, jumping between them via a portal, to experience the world both physically and virtually. You also will be prepped for the dinosaurs you will see by receiving Dino Mundi cards, which with the Dino Mundi AR app, allows you to see the same VR characters digitize in front of you in the real world.

We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush
1 to 3 player party game operating a frantic food truck. Your goal? Serve as many customers and tackle problems before the clock runs out.
(Located in Kaleid Gallery).

The game is based off the TV series We Bare Bears. Players become Grizz, Panda, or Ice Bear and must work together to cook food and tackle the problems that arise in the truck before time runs out. Do you have what it takes to successfully navigate the hectic lunch rush?

Museum Alive with David Attenborough AR
Come face to face with breathtaking extinct creatures, guided by Natural History legend Sir David Attenborough. See a Dimorphodonfly and discover what lies under the skin of a leaping Sabre-toothed tiger.
(Located in Rehearsal Hall, 3rd Level, California Theatre).
A breathtaking augmented reality experience for Magic Leap driven by a powerful voiceover from David Attenborough. Through the power of hand tracking, users choose from different interactive spheres to both discover, and bring to life, some of the first prehistoric creatures that roamed our earth and seas. The animals spawn and animate around your environment with sea creatures swimming past you and flying dinosaurs jumping off the walls!
Ben 10 Omni-Charged
Step into an exciting game with 1 to 3 players from the Cartoon Network series Ben 10, transforming you into a choice of 10 super-powered aliens to save the world from the evil alien Vilgax.
(Located in Kaleid Gallery).

This is a 5-minute experience based on the Cartoon Network series Ben 10 - a show about Ben Tennyson and his alien watch that allows him to transform into ten different alien heroes. Players are given a Powertrix Suit that allows them to transform into any one of ten super-powered alien heroes. With their new alien powers, it is up to them to save the world from the evil Vilgax and his drone army before the clock runs out. Do you have the skills to save Earth?