Virtual Reality

Enter the Exhilarating New World of Virtual Reality!

Cinequest, the longtime leader in showcasing the integration of Silicon Valley technological innovation with filmed media, has now become the place to experience the new world of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Cinequest has always focused on empowering artists and innovators, and connecting their creations to the audiences who appreciate and love their work. Welcome to the Cinequest VR Experience, occurring March 1 – 4, concurrent with the Cinequest Film & VR Festival.

Virtual Reality Cinema Programs

Audiences can delve into new and amazing worlds through our 15-25 minute cinematic VR content programs. You don’t just watch, you actually experience these movies all around you! Each ticket (or appropriate pass) will also provide access to the VR Experience Lounge to continue the transformative VR journey. VR Cinema Programs occur in the “Rehearsal Room” of the California Theatre. Learn More >

Virtual Reality Experience Lounge

The Cinequest VR Experience Lounge will act as ground zero for your VR indulgence. Meet, connect, and converse with friends, fellow audience members, enthusiasts, and VR artists. You can enjoy your time here with more VR experiential and immersive content, VR Gaming, and hospitality. VR Workshops will occur in the lounge as well. Located in the Pagoda room at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel (access off 1st street), the VR Experience Lounge will open one hour prior to and close one hour after VR Workshops. Learn More >

Virtual Reality Workshops

No matter how advanced the device and technology, content is critical to the VR industry’s growth and success. Yet, VR is very new and brings challenges with its opportunities. Cinequest’s VR Workshops will inspire and educate VR & AR content artists and creators through the making-of presentations as well as explorations of leading-edge VR & AR technological breakthroughs. Whether you’re an emerging artist who’s never handled VR or a seasoned pro with VR experience, these workshops will empower your capacities to create your vision in VR and eventually AR as well. Workshops occur at the VR Experience Lounge where refreshments are served before and after these events. Learn More >

Cinequest Film & VR Festival 2018 - Virtual Reality Events

VR Cinema Programs

Enjoy 15-20 minute cinematic VR content experiences including what's new and what's amazing in VR story-telling.
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VR Experience Lounge

The Cinequest VR Experience Lounge will provide hospitality as well as VR Gaming and Arcade experiences.
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VR Workshops

Empower yourself via the following 90 minute workshops on these leading-edge topics during Cinequest VR, March 1-4. Workshops will occur at the VR Experience Lounge.
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