Virtual & Augmented Reality Experiences

Enter the Exhilarating New World of Virtual Reality!

Cinequest, the longtime leader in showcasing Silicon Valley’s latest technological innovations with filmed media, continues our commitment as the hub to experience Virtual and Augmented Reality through our Cinema, Experience and Hyper-Reality programs occurring March 5th - 8th 12pm – 6pm, concurrent with the Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival. All VR Cinema, AR & Hyper-Reality programs are available to All Access Passholders for 20-minute sessions, first come, first served. VR Cinema tickets are available to the public for purchase online.

Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival 2020 - Virtual & Augmented Reality Events

VR Cinema Program

Through Cinequest's VR Cinema program, audiences will immerse themselves into new and amazing realities. Come enjoy our 20-minute cinematic story programs! Each program will give you a chance to sample a handful of curated 360 videos where you'll be much more than just a spectator. You'll be immersed into these engaging experiences where you are at the center of the action as the story happens all around you! Having the visuals surround you like real life will actually make you feel like you've been transported to each one of these story locations. Purchase tickets online. (Located in Rehearsal Hall, Third Level, California Theatre) Learn More >

VR Experience

This is the hot spot for immersive interactive VR that catapults you to the next level of virtual realism. You're surrounded by a full 3D 360 world that allows you to actually interact with the world and characters as an active participant. Festival-goers will be given hand motion controllers enabling them to interact with their environment and world objects, make decisions and simply play around in these virtual worlds. For Cinequest All Access Passholders only on a first come, first served basis. (Located in KALEID Gallery, 320 S. 1st Street, San Jose, across the street from California Theatre on the corner). Learn More >

VR Hyper-Reality Hub

Hyper-Reality, the culmination of large space experiences further blurs the line between reality and VR, making you feel like you have just transported to a different world! This year Cinequest is presenting an exhilarating room scale experience that allows you to physically walk amongst virtual dinosaurs from ancient times and play games in teams to save the world. For Cinequest All Access Passholders only on a first come, first served basis. (Locations are listed in descriptions)
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