Virtual Reality

Expand your mind! Experience new worlds! Push boundaries! Be inspired! THAT’S Cinequest, baby!

It's fitting that Cinequest, the longtime leader in showcasing the integration of Silicon Valley and global technologies with filmed media, would become the place to experience the latest and greatest in the emerging world of Virtual and Augmented Realities. You'll find Cinequest's focus on empowering artists and innovators and connecting their creations to the audiences that appreciate and love their work on display in the inaugural Cinequest VR Experience. Welcome to this exciting and multifaceted offering.

Cinequest Film & VR Festival 2017 - Virtual Reality Events

Making Virtual Reality Workshops
Cinequest's VR Making Workshops will inspire and educate VR content artists and creators through the workflow from story to headset. Learn More >

Virtual Reality Cinema Programs
Enjoy 15-20 minute cinematic VR content experiences including what's new and what's amazing in VR story-telling. Learn More >

Virtual Reality Canteen & Immersive Experiences
The Cinequest VR Canteen will provide hospitality as well as VR Gaming and Arcade experiences. Learn More >

Virtual Reality Forums & Panels
These magnificent Forums will engage and entertain both content creators and audiences through conversations and interactions delving into timely VR & AR topics. Learn More >