VR Experience Lounge

VR Experience Lounge

Cinequest VR Experience Lounge

The Cinequest VR Experience Lounge will act as ground zero for your VR indulgence. Meet, connect, and converse with friends, fellow audience members, enthusiasts, and VR artists. You can enjoy your time here with more VR experiential and immersive content, VR Gaming, and hospitality. VR Workshops will occur in the lounge as well. Lounge hours 11am – 7pm first come, first served.

Location: 320 South First Street, San Jose, CA

Caliban Below
Explore an ancient abandoned labyrinth, trying to piece together your past, only to find that your fate is already sealed.

Crow: The Legend VR
From an old American Indian legend, follow the story of a few early animals (Crow voiced by John Legend) who are introduced to their first winter. They must now change their lives with the help of a bug (voiced by Oprah Winfrey) in order to survive and bring back summer.

Down the Pixel Hole
Experience a free fall through space which hurtles you through massive plates, wonderfully decorated with scenes of galaxies, until you finally come to the final destination.

A meditative visual and music experience in a virtual hand-drawn landscape where you can control where you go; go ahead and get lost in an interactive sacred space.

Love Note
Float through the heart breaking story of lovers which repeats across time and space; fully immerse yourself into the beautiful storytelling through dance and music.

The Music Box
Create your own musical masterpiece to accompany the ballerina's graceful dance along with your magical friends that inhabit the enchanted music box.

Thalu: Dreamtime is Now
An indigenous mine site worker is transported to the spirit world, where he meets the spirits and custodians of the land and learns about how they are connected to humankind, even as their sacred sites are under threat.

Vegas - End of the World
A surreal music performance turning into a psychedelic dream.

Wake up in the virtual world as Gregor Samsa. You may be concerned that you are late for work, but there are significantly larger issues happening with your body!

INSTALLATION starting March 12th. An immersive 4 player "hyper reality" collaborative experience, a glimpse of tomorrow's cinema. Enhanced by physical effects, full body awareness and total freedom of movements.

Control a tiny mouse through danger filled hallways and labyrinths in this beautiful adventure game.

Twilight Path
A fantasy puzzle adventure game that takes you on an otherworldly journey to meet wandering spirits, enchanted sentries, and mischievous gods.