Halfdan Hussey

Halfdan Hussey
Halfdan Hussey
Director, CEO & Co-Founder

Halfdan (hallf' dun) Hussey is the co-Founder and Director of Cinequest Inc. and CEO of Cinequest Mavericks Studio LLC (CMS). Set in Silicon Valley, Cinequest fuses innovations with creativity to empower youth, artists, audiences, and innovators globally. He is also a renowned writer and film director. His passion for creating positive and transformative impact in our world is ever-present in his work. Named one of the 25 people who most dramatically changed the Silicon Valley over the past 25 years, Halfdan is a recognized leader in art and technology. Having directed three films, published two books, and successfully built companies, Halfdan demonstrates his love for the worlds of leadership, art and youth empowerment.

"Strength comes from the people involved and how great their passion and skills are. The leaders of Cinequest have both of those. That's why it's been with us for some time and will still be here long into the future." - Steve Wozniak (Co-Founder, Apple Inc)

At twenty-two, after earning Summa Cum Laude in Lit. and studying film, Halfdan wrote his first screenplay while driving a cab in New York City. Halfdan then directed and co-produced a truly independent feature, He's Still There, that opened to rave reviews at the Venice Film Festival. The film was a hit at the Critic's section of the festival. Soon thereafter, he directed Still Waters Burn.

"I really like Still Waters Burn. Its young director shows brilliant promise and talent." - Robert Wise (Four time Academy Award Winner; legendary director of The Day The Earth Stood Still, West Side Story, Sound of Music)

"Ultimately, He's Still There is a sincerely great movie full of feeling and aspirations. Halfdan Hussey demonstrates not only an idea but also a remarkable ability to translate an idea to film. Halfdan Hussey is not only a 'goodfella' but a young bravo regazzo. Above all he is a bravo regista (great director)." - Francesco Carrara, Venice Film Festival (Il Piccolo)

Halfdan then co-founded and developed Cinequest in the Silicon Valley to empower creativity and innovation. Having stayed ahead in digital film making, exhibition and distribution for years, The Ultimate Guide to Film Festivals named Cinequest Film & VR Festival one of the Top 10 amongst the world's festivals and deemed Cinequest the place where one will "find the future of film".

His first novel, To The Dogs, tells the dramatic story of a man who leaves a world of integrity to fall into one of crime, leaving his sons with an inheritance of corrupt power. The sons must decide whether to continue the ways of their father or return to the world of dogs, the land of unconditional love and inner power.

Halfdan continues to balance his creative work and business with a lifelong passion to empower others to create and live the lives of their dreams.