With a Ph.D from Princeton in computer science and a passion to help people around the world make beautiful music, Ge Wang lives and works at the intersection of art and tech. His approach to AI celebrates the empowerment of personal creativity.

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Closing Keynote serves as the beacon guiding us towards the future's horizon. With anticipation and reflection, attendees gather one final time to absorb the insights, revelations, and aspirations shared by a distinguished luminary. This keynote transcends mere closure; it encapsulates the essence of our collective exploration, weaving together threads of innovation, ethics, and human ingenuity. As the final words resonate, echoing a call to action and contemplation, participants depart with minds expanded and hearts inspired. The Closing Keynote embodies not just an end, but a beginning—a catalyst for continued dialogue, innovation, and progress in the ever-evolving landscape of AI and its impact on society.

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Cinequest AI day audience

Whether the emergence of artificially intelligent technologies causes you to feel enthusiasm or trepidation (or both), communities benefit from discussing and expressing their intentions for the responsible use of these technologies. Inspired by the Open Space Technology framework, we invite you to a community gathering for participants to self-organize discussions around AI-related topics that you care about. Share your experiences and perspectives, test new ideas, and learn what others are doing and thinking. This is a place for everyone to contribute and learn. At our AI Day morning event, you can attend sessions hosted by experienced professionals, or host a session of your own. Key learnings and questions from this morning will be shared with our afternoon speakers to explore further.

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ENTERTAINMENT: 10am, 2:30pm, & 3:45pm

Entertainment at Cinequest transcends mere spectacle; it is an immersive journey into the heart of storytelling, artistry, and human connection. From captivating film screenings to electrifying live performances, our entertainment offerings are carefully curated to inspire, engage, and evoke emotion. Step into our cinematic realm and experience the magic of storytelling . Beyond film, immerse yourself in a vibrant tapestry of music, comedy, spoken word, and multimedia experiences that push the boundaries of creativity and imagination. During AI Day we offer you two tastes of Cinequest Entertainment: An evocative AI themed short film, Valentine, and two Comedy presentations by ComedySportz.

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of AI!  What Is AI and how does it affect me? What communities and policy makers need to know, address, and utilize with AI. Join a distinguished panel discussion tackling the following topics and more:

 Is AI the boogeyman the movies make it out to be?

  • Job replacement
  • Security threats – The Good Guys Vs Bad Guys race (see Bill Gates)
  • Harnessing the power and controlling the potential dangers—Analogy of Nuclear – Oppenheimer

 What does the integration of AI mean for our everyday life?

  • IoT (internet of things)
  • Workplace optimization
  • Education and Academics 

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How can machines and artificial intelligence augment, enhance, or potentially match and displace human creativity and innovation? Ignite your imagination and curiosity at Cinequest's Creativity & AI Panel, where artistry meets artificial intelligence in a symphony of innovation. Explore how AI is revolutionizing creative processes across various domains, from film to visual arts, music, and beyond. Join us as we uncover the symbiotic relationship between human creativity and machine intelligence, envisioning new possibilities and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression in the digital age. Can AI be an artist's second brain or is it their worst nightmare? Can machines have consciousness or is that the realm of the human creative?

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Cinequest AI Day

MAYOR TOWN HALL: 4:00-4:45pm

Mayor Matt Mahan

San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan will participate in the Cinequest AI Day and lead an AI Town Hall presentation and community conversation around AI and what Cities and Communities must address. Mayor Mahan will present and answer audience questions and address key takeaway ideas from the day's panels and open conference.  All are welcome to any of the Cinequest AI Day Events. Please go here to Get Tickets

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