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Dear Friends,

March has been a trying month for all us. We’re worried about our loved ones and the challenges our communities are facing. There are many unknowns right now, but one thing that I do know is all of us at Cinequest are excited about the future! Now more than ever the work we do at Cinequest is critical. Cinequest is about those we serve: artists, innovators, youth, patrons, sponsors, … our audience, our community! Once the shelter at home is lifted, we will all be ready to get out and re-connect and reengage.

Halfdan sent a letter to you all on March 11th with the exciting announcement of our plans to add the Summer Edition of the Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival. We have already reserved our core venues and looking to add exciting new outdoor events … so get ready to celebrate!

Yes, we need to focus on raising money right now. We were hit very hard financially as the Coronavirus emerged in the Silicon Valley just as our March event opened. We will leverage much of the work from the March event, programming, design elements, still we need to make up the shortfall from the lost ticket sales and raise the money to re-build the festival.

Cinequest needs to raise $750,000. Would you please consider making a contribution today to keep the Cinequest lights burning bright? Click Here To Contribute NOW

Kathleen Powell
Co-Founder, Cinequest

P.S. If you purchased tickets or festival passes, hold onto them. When we announce the details of the next event, we will also let you know how these will be honored … we won’t forget!