Cinequest Film Festival Part Deux 2020
Schedule of Announcements of Experiences

I am happy to bring you good and joyful news. The second edition of the Cinequest Film Festival 2020 is coming to you in a very exciting way. No, we are not producing another online film festival, but we are producing for your enjoyment Reimagined Cinequest Film Festival online experiences, movies, artists, and community engaging events.

In 2005-07, Cinequest collaborated with its board and partners in a lot of exciting pioneering work in digital media delivery, including producing the first online film festival that occurred worldwide 24/7. This online festival augmented the live annual festival in the Silicon Valley. Recently, our founders started a new partner company to Cinequest, called Creatics, a new platform and social community to further our team’s work to elevate creative work, to connect people to creative work and each other, and to forge joyous community. Little did we know that these two elements would come together in 2020 to meet the challenges of covid in a special way.

Since May, we have been designing, producing, and engineering Part II of the Cinequest Film Festival which will occur on the Creatics platform, running October 1 – 14. Soon you will receive the following communications, presenting these experiences and opportunities to you and the globe:

  • Announcement 1 will include a Primer on the experience and give you access to register, browse, and buy tickets to 115 stellar feature and short movies...the kinds of artistry that has marked Cinequest’s legacy of quality, originality, and impact.
  • Announcement 2 will present the remainder of the exciting experiences we have in store for you from October 1 – 14.

Thank you for your extreme kindness and support of Cinequest and the artists, audiences, innovators, and youth that we serve. It was quite a day on March 1 when covid hit the Silicon Valley, driving Cinequest & Stanford to be the first institutions to take a stand. We had initially hoped to simply postpone the second half of the live festival to occur in August...but of course you know that was not possible. What we discovered we could do is something we feel you might very well fall in love with just as so many have fallen in love with the previous Cinequest festivals

Kathleen J. Powell
President, Cinequest, Inc.

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