Cinequest Film Festival 17 - Special Presentations

Cinequest Film Festival 17 - Special Presentations

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Amongst the superb international program of Maverick artistry that Cinequest presents for its 2007 program, it is an honor to present several exceptional Special Presentations of films that add an incredible topping to the event.  Several are made right here in San Jose.  Some have been selected by the online community.  But they are all exciting experiences that are a pure joy.

Arts Council Silicon Valley’s Media Fellows Event
Friday, March 2, 2007; 5:00pm (San Jose Repertory Theatre)

The Arts Council Silicon Valley annually awards Artist Fellowships to provide monetary support designed to encourage the continuing development of Santa Clara County’s finest creative artists who are seriously committed to their art form and who have a demonstrated history of professional activity in the region. These visual artists were selected by a notable panel of experienced judges based upon artistic quality and originality of work, community impact during the past three years and by demonstrating continued exploration of the art form. Arts Council Silicon Valley is the only funding agency south of San Francisco that awards artists unrestricted grants for career accomplishments.  The Arts Council will honor these four recipients at an exclusive evening reception at the San Jose Repertory Theatre.

Making It Right

Making it Right
Wednesday, March 7, 2007; 7:15pm (San Jose Repertory Theatre)

World Premiere

Ambitious and affecting, Making It Right documents the making of an atypical reality show where instead of performing mindless stunts or devouring exotic insects, contestants compete against one other to address and tackle social issues.  Created by San Jose State gurus, teams from diverse backgrounds were challenged with the daunting task of changing the world, at least on a local level: contestants must help families find affordable housing, establish good health plans, and budget wisely. Making It Right is an enthralling example of combining entertainment with something of value. 

Viewers' Voice Competition Winners

You vote. You decide. Viewers' Voice selections are comprised of outstanding new films brought before Cinequest Online viewers to rate, review and select for Cinequest Film Festival participation. One feature and one short are selected by the online community every three months as part of a unique and non-traditional year-round opportunity.  Based on their great reviews by fans and their popularity, the quarterly winners are screened as part of the Cinequest Film Festival program.  This year’s films:

Coma Girl - Dir. Dina Jacobson
An aging and apathetic data processor can't muster up the energy to figure out what she feels. Through a forced plunge into the bizarre activities of stand-up comedy and apartment hunting, she'll find the answers to the questions she's been too afraid to ask.

Preceded by the short film: The Receipt; dir. Tim Garrick; A frantic cross-town adventure about two star-crossed lovers who have only minutes to change the course of their lives.

Hidden - dir. Tim McLachlan
Deep within a dark, twisted forest, at a faraway adventure camp, a group of young ‘camp leaders’ play a fast and furious game of ‘hide and seek,' all the while they are being watched by someone...or something. In a spectacular climax, the mystery begins to unravel as everything becomes suddenly and painfully clear.

Preceded by the short film: Conehead; dir. Don Pan; On a very hot day, catching the speeding ice-cream van couldn't be worse.

Façade; dir. Brian Bedard
Based on true events, the story about the suicide of a young boy on his 19th birthday. What could have been a nice birthday party transforms into a drug-induced frenzy of sex, pain, fighting, and clarity of thought in the last moments of his life.

Preceded by the short film: I Was a Dancer; dir. Jason Whiton; Form and movement become a haunting testimony for an elderly Japanese woman who can no longer dance in a local festival.