Raspberry Magic

Raspberry Magic

Running Time: 88 mins

Can you nurture love, or is it inherently only a natural phenomenon?

Eleven-year-old Monica’s world spins out of control as her parents struggle with their careers, their finances and each other. After her father walks out and her mother becomes emotionally withdrawn, Monica takes on their responsibilities, watching over her sister and their home. Monica’s only escape from the chaos is her science fair project that explores whether nature or nurture helps life grow through using touch therapy on growing raspberries. After weeks of observation and measurements, she realizes the answer isn’t easy to find. She hopes that winning first place in the science fair will bring her father back home and return a sense of normalcy to their lives. All she needs is one sour and sweet raspberry, a perfect mix of the good and the bad.

Director Leena Pendharkar crafts a superb family drama about the delicate nature of human relationships and the complex web of emotions that tie us together.

– Heather Nacht

New Visions Program made possible by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

World Premiere
Leena Pendharkar
Jeffrey Chu
Lily Javaherpour, Meera Simhan, Ravi Kapoor, Keya Shah, Bella Thorne
Zack Arnold
Megha Kadakia
Jesse Clark