The Movement: One Man Joins an Uprising

The Movement: One Man Joins an Uprising

Running Time: 90 mins

Nine surgeries and endless rehab won't keep Rick Finkelstein back from the slopes.

Former Cinequest Maverick Spirit Award recipient Kurt Miller brings an event that will uplift and inspire us all. Miller, most known for continuing and even heightening the legacy of Warren Miller extreme sports movies, now brings us stories of courage surpassing that of extreme athletes. Miller's stories of the renegade disabled, show those fortunate enough to walk, see, and live, the passion to pursue life to its fullest.

Who can envision skiing down slopes, without seeing? Mike May can. He holds the world record of speed skiing blind. Who can imagine playing sports again, or even competing when he is paralyzed? Chris Waddell can. He has thirteen gold medals in the Paralympics.

The Movement is a heartfelt documentary in which amazing people triumph despite their physical limitations. Their fervor inspires us to grab life by the reins and take risks without any promise. Beating the odds is not often achieved, but for those who persist, there is a chance to overcome.

Mike May will join Kurt Miller at Cinequest for this phenomenal occasion.

Kurt Miller